Vol.2, no.2 / 2016 Full text
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Svetlana N. Shchegolikhina, Ph.D.
The Justification of the War in the Conditions of the Pacification of International Relations after the First World War
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Gheorghe Onișoru, Ph.D.
The issue of territorial integrity of the Romanian State in the preliminaries to the Act of august 23rd, 1944
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Oana-Nicoleta Retea, Ph.D.c.
What’s in A Name?
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Cosmin-Ștefan Dogaru, Ph.D.
The Strong Connection between the Romanian Two-Party System and the Electoral System (1866-1914)
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Lorena-Valeria Stuparu, Ph.D.
The communion of human being with history: historiography and comprehension
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Radu Canţăr, Ph.D.c.
The preliminary control of unconstitutionality in the Romanian legal system
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Mireille Rădoi, Ph.D.
The Stranger’s Myth: anchoring and objectification of social memory
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Gina Boda, Ph.D.
Interaction between public and museum object, a managerial approach in the exhibition space
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Livia Pogan, Ph.D.c.
Cultural contexts and gender differences in adressing work-family conflict
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Adela Teodorescu (Calotă), Ph.D.c.
Translating Worlds of Law: A Theoretical and Practical Inquiry
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Adela Elena Micică, Ph.D.c.
Fundamental Laws under the tutelage of the European Union
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Izabela Bratiloveanu, Ph.D. & Mihail-Dan Dogaru, Ph.D.
Supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products
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Diana Dănişor, Ph.D. & Octavian Istrătoaie, Ph.D.
The Terminological Metaphor in the Field of Cardiology
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Alexandru Ionicescu, Ph.D.c.
9th International Conference State and Society in Europe, Craiova, 25th of October – 2nd of November 2016
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